TOP BLACK Washing Liquid

Suitable for black and dark colored garments, clothes and fabrics

TOP PLUS Washing Liquid

Great conditioner and brightener

Floor Washing Powder

To remove filth and disinfecting tile, ceramic floors, walls, bathroom floor, toilet seat, bath, sink, kitchen floor and the like.

Anti-Stain Glass Cleaner

Anti-stain and long-lasting

TOP Stain Remover

Very strong cleaner and antiseptic for surfaces

TOP PLUS Dishwashing Liquid

Product features: strong anti-grease, brightening, suitable foam and easy draining

TOP GOLD Dishwashing Liquid

Product features: Anti spot (prevents water marks and stains on dishes), high ability in dissolving fat stains, simultaneous use of two types of strong cleaners, special composition to maintain healthy skin.

Bathroom Cleaner

Product features: Cleaner of all types of kitchen faucets, bathrooms and sanitary ware, polishes all types of surfaces against acidic substances, removes calcareous, soapy deposits and white stains caused by water minerals.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Product features: Strong cleaner of stains and fat, No stains or streaks, Results in shiny Surfaces, Quick dry, suitable for all surfaces (fatty walls, gas stoves and etc.)

Creamy Handwashing Liquid

Product features: contains glycerin, contains vitamin B5, creates soft and smooth skin, pleasant, long-lasting scent, related content: choosing the right scent for handwashing liquid.