Paknam Manufacturing Company, which was previously called “Snow”, was founded in the spring of 1962 by some experienced craftsmen from the detergent industry in a space of 4800 m2 in Sa’adat Abad of Tehran and was utilized as one of the first washing powder factories in the Middle East.

Within 10 years since its establishment, through qualitative and quantitative changes in machinery and improving the capabilities of human forces, in 1972 Snow Company was able to increase its capacity in producing of washing powder by 9 and reach an annual production 5000 tons.

After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the name of the Snow company was changed to Paknam, and along with the beginning of an era in manufacturing and considering the country’s growing need for detergent products; with the aim of helping to improve the level of health and safety of the society, and the cooperation of experienced European engineers and using the most modern technology of the washing powder production industry in the world, this company established its new factory with a nominal annual capacity of 120,000 tons on a land of 22 acres in Boein Zahra region near Qazvin.

In 1972, Paknam Company introduced a major part of its clothing hygiene products, such as its machine washing powder, under the TOP brand. Over the years, this brand has succeeded in having a good share in the country’s washing powder market, and considering the introduction of TOP specialized laundry liquids in 2005, as well as other household cleaners, it will occupy a major part of the country’s detergent market in the coming years.